Elemental Beings

Sprites, Elementals, and other manifestations of the elements 

Leefaya or Sprites are minor manifestations of a specific elemental plane.  The sprites vary in size, power, and to some degree personality.  They vary in shape but are usually vaguely spherical and possess two blank blackish holes or circles called eyespots.  They may form some sort of bond with their original owner.  The leefa shows loyalty to its bearer even after the bearer dies and becomes extremely chaotic if summoned after this point.  The bond between bearer and leefa must be developed however and a leefa may bond with another bearer if it does not do so with its original bearer.  Leefaya are usually contained within yitaliya.  Sprites manifest themselves in areas of concentrated elemental energy.  They are bound to their yitali in a manner reminiscent of soul orbs, however the orb is outside of the body of the leefa.  Sprites do not die, but when their energy is dissipated, fade back to the elemental plane of their origin.  The yitali is thought to manifest first or with the sprite and usually fades when the sprite does.  Sprites are necessary for the creation of golems, are highly sought out, and are often sold in markets (although there are some who see this as cruel).  Additionally sprites are very fond of liquid larantha and must be kept away from inscriber's inks.





Elementals are larger manifestations of a specific elemental plane.  They exhibit much less personality than sprites but are much more powerful. They are a manifestation of an area of pure element acting seemingly chaotically, but in line with its elements personality.  Elementals do possess "intelligence" as such; they do have a will and are quite difficult to dissuade from whatever they may feel they have to do.  Extremely powerful individuals may command elementals through great magics, but this is not a light undertaking and many of those who have tried have been found in pieces afterwards.  Elementals are also quite fond of molten larantha, but as they are nearly never found in cities, this is much less of a problem than with sprites.


Golems are physical creations imbued with the spirit of an elemental and bound to a master.  They are built from any number of physical objects, usually having something to do with the specific element that possesses the body.  They generally assume a bipedal form similar to the alathaya and the yitali orb from a sprite is needed to create the creature.

A fire golem, sculpted from ash.