Druids often live monastic lives with other druids in the wilderness where they commune with the plants around them and protect sacred places such as ancient groves, copses, and elemental eyes and portals.  They are capable of summoning all manner of plants to their aid, shielding themselves, inflicting lethal damage, and quite often manipulating enemies to where ever is easiest for the druid to deal with them.  Druids carry a sickle as a symbol of their devotion.

Difficulty     Skill                            Effect

   3        Grasping Ivy                 Hold target in place 1 round

   3        Barkskin (Tier 1)          +2 to body, buff

   3        Root Trip*                     knock over target, stopping movement,

   3        Thornshield (Tier 1)       does 1D+2 damage to attacker if hit with melee roll, buff

   3        Vine Cover (Tier 1)        add +1D to hide rolls for target

   3        Thornburst (Tier 1)         blast from self, 3D+1 damage, adjacent aoe,

   3        Woodshape                  bend, twist, form, and shape wood as though sculpting, but w/o tools

   3        Grow                           heal or spike growth plant, heal Melali or plants 1D+2

   4        Rooted                         you are unable to be moved, tripped, or shifted, passive

   4        Tendril Pull (Tier 1)        vines shift target one space from their current location

   4        As Grass Grows           slow target movement to 1/2, double casting time, debuff

   4        Ripping Brambles (T1)   Aoe, 3D+1

   4        Thornburst (Tier 2)        blast from self, 3D+2 damage, adjacent aoe

   4        Pollen Cloud                 fill area with pollen, perception -2D, move/2 

   4        Hedge                         create a wall of 3D+2 strength, 5 spaces long, 2 spaces high, 1 space deep

   4        Vinespawn                   create 20' grasping vine

   4        Sense Life (Tier 1)         discern life in a 10 space radius

   5        Thornburst (Tier 3)        blast from self, 4D damage, adjacent aoe

   5        Ripping Brambles (T2)   Aoe, 3D+2

   5        Thornshield (Tier 2)       does 2D+2 damage to attacker if hit with melee roll, buff

   5        Vine Cover (Tier 2)        add +2D to hide rolls for target

   5        Barkskin (Tier 2)         +1D to body, buff

   6        Hedge                         create a wall of 4D strength, 8 spaces long, 3 spaces high, 1 space deep

   6        Tendril Pull (Tier 2)       vines shift target two spaces from their current location

   6        Ripping Brambles (T3)   Aoe, 4D

   6        Thornburst (Tier 4)        blast from self, 4D+1 damage, adjacent aoe

   6        Treeform                      shift into form of tree

   6        Sense Life (Tier 2)         discern life in a 20 space radius

*getting up is considered a standard action