An Alathay Guide To Good Health 

Excerpt from Professor Tulit's "On The Wellbeing of Alathaya: Instructions and Information for Proper Health, Hygiene, and Harmony"

Chapter The Fourth

 In which are discussed the more common diseases and illnesses


Dryscale:  A disease causing a drying of the skin resulting in scaly lesions, cracking often along joint surfaces, itchiness, and occasionally inflamation.

Hornbone:  Hornbone is the result of too much contact and ingestion of salt water.  Areas where bones lay close to the skin's surface, especially joints, develop hardened deposits that push up the skin like a horn.  Left untreated these deposits will push through the skin.

Thisidal Flu:  Also known as "the twitch", this disease causes uncontrollable contactions of various parts of the body.  It may begin as something as simple as a twitching eyelid, but left untreated will develop into full body spasms, diarrhea, retching, violent cramps, and complete lack of bodily control.

Stringworms:  An aquatic parasite ingested from the water, stringworms live in the stomach and guts, feeding off the host until large enough to burst the stomach.

Plowhelp's Excuse:  A deep muscular ache combined with dizziness common during the planting season.  Thought to be caused by gasses released from freshly tilled soil.

Sandfever:  A disease resulting in shortness of breath, rising body temperatures, and dizzyness.  Occasionally confused with dust sickness (see Chapter Three). 

Blackrot:  A highly contagious tissue disorder causing degeneration of soft tissues such as skin, fat, and muscles.  Characterized by the black lines that develop around the dead  tissue.

Longfin:  A familial condition causing over developed and rapid growth of nails and fins. 

Prankster's Plague:  A rapid-onset disease causing uncontrollable laughter, blurred vision, hallucinations, and occasionally crying.  Usually passes within a day.  Highly contagious. 

Harsin's Syndrome:  A bluish-grey discoloration of skin coupled with weakness, thought to be caused by improper blood circulation.

Pegi's Revenge:  Upset stomach, nausea, retching, cramps, and/or diarrhea usually caused by consuming meats that are undercooked.*

Vintner's Warts:  Small green nodules that develop on the hands of those in frequent contact with diseased lopo plants.  The plants release an acidic goo when diseased which stimulates the growth of the warts on Alathay skin. 

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness