Adventuring in Alatha 

 The Alathaya have many professions.  There are those who produce and sell goods, the farmers, artisans, and merchants.  There are those who sail, those who run the temples, those who comprise the army, those who rule the lands, and those outside the law on the far fringes of the known world.  Then there are those who want something more.  The are the adventurers, the Dayokhlan.  You can become one of them and explore Alatha in our role playing system.


  "You are a Dayokhlan, one who seeks after heroism, adventure, and glory.  You may dabble in the realms that others pour their lives into; physical labor, mental training, political cunning, religious duties, military rankings, but these are not the constants of your life nor the things you live for.  Perhaps it is greed that drives you, there are large treasures to be found.  Perhaps it is wanderlust, there is much to see.  Perhaps ambition, great powers will be yours to wield.  Perhaps it is discovery that drives you, much of the world has never been seen and there are artifacts unlike any your kind ever laid eyes upon. You do odd jobs to earn a living, one day a body guard or mercenary the next a messenger and the day after a treasure seeker.  Go then and bring glory to your name and the realm of your Aygeema.  Be as the Kushi'daya, the great heroes of old, the men of renown." 

Adventurers so far

Roleplaying resources

Venti Linen Sack of the Dragonslayer [20 slot bag] 

more to come...