Name: Khahl'Dahk

Race: Alathan

Gender: Male

Schools: Bladesman, Assassin, Illusionist

Alignment: Light

Age: 24

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 159 lbs

Physical Description: Always stylish and impeccably dressed, flawlessly groomed, and perfectly physically fit, with a rakish yellow fin.  Dressed in fine crimson and black laced linen.

Factions: Northern Empire

Beliefs: "Every action must be aesthetically pleasing."

"Grace and refined style over strength and chaos."

 "Nothing will stop the great advance of the Empire,"

 "Retreat to live and fight another day."

Traits: Stylish, Flashy, Vain, Graceful, Refined

Character Description: Fashionable Khahl'Dahk is an agent of the Empire and determined to make it look as good as possible.  He is wholeheartedly committed to the Empire and willing to do whatever it takes for its cause.  But he certainly takes his time choosing how best to accomplish them.  If that means arriving late, then so be it. At least he looks good in the process.






 Mental: 2D+2


 Perception: 4D

  • Sneak
  • Hide


 Strength: 2D+2


 Dexterity: 4D

  • Dodge
  • Parry
  • Pierce Blade
  • Lethal Strike
  • Martial Training
  • Disarm
  • Lung
  • Riposte
  • Sneak Attack T1
  • Drop Caltrops 



 Will: 2D+1


 Mysticism: 3d+2

  • Dual Personalities
  • Mirage




Jofya: 24


Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Rapier 3D+1

Parrying Dagger 2D        (+1 to parry)

Stiletto 2D+2

Belt Dagger 2D+2

Boot knife 2D+1


Hatchet 2D+2

Fillet Knife 2D

Field gear (Bedroll, cookset, flint & tinder, spyglass, Rope)

dark crimson cape, black with crimson lace tunic,crimson w/ black lace pants, black boots, and black wristguards

Imperial Clearance Papers Level 9