Council of Dafsomet

"Great Council of Mela, Voice of the People, Hope of Alatha" 

    The Council of Dafsomet, or Beleem Dafsomet in the native Elothonikha, is the governing body of much of Southern Alatha, based in Ir Alatha.  Its military arm is the Tarabolis Protectorate.

    Based on an opt-in system and the value of freedom, the council is composed of Kushi'Beleem and Eefa'Beleem, or great council and lesser council.  Kushi'Beleem is made up of anyone who is willing to participate.  A test must be passed on each issue that is to be voted on before the volunteer may vote.  This ensures the competency of the council.  The Eefa'Beleem is composed of elected positions.  One half are positions voted on once every three years by the general populace, the others are appointed for life.  Each member of the Eefa'Beleem is impeachable based on behavior.  Votes are taken by shells dropped into a box corresponding to the issue and the shells are dyed a different secret color for the vote so that no one can bring in their own shells and vote more than once.  It is on this tradition that a spiraled shell has come to be the symbol of the Council.