Name: Jarakeh

Gender: Male

Schools: Illusions

Alignment: Air

Age: 34

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 140 lbs

Physical Description:  Lean and muscular, CInshah keeps his face covered in an inscribed mask made of coins that obscures his .  His dorsal crest is dyed white in the tradition of the followers of the air Aygeema Shah.  He is average in looks and lacks few defining features that make him stand out from a crowd.  Additionally he often covers himself with various illusions and appears in different forms to different people.  He nearly always wears a long cloak of pegiya feathers.  Slowly billowing incense-like smoke seems to surround him constantly.

Spheres: Academic, Political, Mercantile, Common Folk, High Society, Criminal

Beliefs: I must stop Eenkho at all costs.  Enough knowledge and influence in the right areas can help me accomplish my goals. 

Traits: Mysterious, Focused, Introverted, Determined, Creative, Intelligent

Character Description: 

Born to a potter's family, and named Jarakeh, he became the black sheep of his family when he left to join the Academy of Illusions.  All of his experience in outlandish daydreaming benefited Jarakeh in his schooling at the Academy of Illusions.. Events at the opening of the Eye of Time led to the Jarakeh of eight years into the future coming back into the present.  Calling himself Cinshah, meaning incense smoke, and armed with the knowledge of the events of the past eight years as well as the full powers of an epic level mindblower (the highest tier in illusionism), Cinshah aims to prevent the destruction caused by the renegade Eenkho.  Somewhat mysterious, occasionally creepy, and mind always working, he maps the time continuum from his haunted warehouse.

 Interview With Jarakeh


 Mental: 5D

  • Navigation 6D
  • Navigation:Cartography 7D
  • Inscribing 6D
  • Scholar: Thaumaturgy 6D
  • Scholar: Lore 6D
  • Craftsman: Thaumaturgy


 Perception: 4D


 Strength: 2D


 Dexterity: 2D



 Will: 5D

  • Resist Illusion 7D
  • Focus 6D


 Mysticism: 7D+2

  • Illusion of Fear T2
  • Illusion of Time
  • Mirage T3
  • Dual Personality T2
  • Schizophrenia T3
  • Vanish T3
  • Create Illusion
  • Magical Sophisticate
  • Mental Block
  • Form Change
  • Betrayal
  • Mass Hysteria