Character Options



Male or Female


Alathan, Remnant, Melali, Homonculus


Alathan- Council of Dafsomet, Northern Empire, Independant

Remnant- Remnant Kingdom, Remnant Exiles (Exiles may choose one of the other affiliations as well)

Melali- Manianii, Loapu, Poroani, Kalakaii, Pualolo, or Na'alisoo tribe or Druidic Order

Homonculus- Homonculi have little loyalty to anyone outside their own band.


Earth, Water, Ice, Fire, Air, Light, Life Cycle, Time, or Space


Alathan Schools- Brawler, Martial Artist, Bladesman, Marksman, Assassin, Necromancer, Illusionist, Elementalist, Prophet, Priest, Frost Warden, Demiurge, Lorekeeper

Remnant Focuses- Geomancer, Hydromancer, Cryomancer, Pyromancer, Aeromancer, Photomancer, Biomancer, Chronomancer, Morphomancer

Melali Devotions- Shaman, Druid, Ranger, Berserker, Beastmaster

Homonculi Pursuits- Scrapper, Witch