Character Creation

A character consists of several parts.  It begins as an idea in your head that is then translated into four aspects.  One of these is the numerical statistics that make a character playable and quantifiable (we'll call this stats), one is the personality and history of the character (we'll call this psyche), one is the physical description, which includes possessions and is used to create an image of the character (which is the fourth part).  There is no necessary order to do these in, as each significantly influences the others.  Brevity not being my strong suite, I'll try to keep this succinct.


Psyche: The psyche consists of four aspects: Spheres, Beliefs, Traits and a character description.  While others in our group may disagree, this aspect to me is by far the most important and when finished, helps me fill out all the other sections.  The idea is to create a character who is not a two-dimensional flat personality, but rather a realistic personality with motivations, fears, flaws, gifts, and a history that shaped them. 

   Bearing these things in mind, please select at least two flaws, one gift or area the character excels in, and one or more motivations for the character.  Selecting one of the 27 enneagram types is also acceptable and may be helpful in deciding beliefs and traits, although is not necessary.  Now create a background story.  This can be anywhere from a short paragraph to several pages (if you feel so motivated).  Bear in mind how the background and psyche affect the motivation.  That motivation is why your character is adventuring in the first place and will play in the background of nearly all your personal interactions.  Tied in with this is the goal(s) that your character is reaching for.


Stats:  As seen in Character Templates or  A Blank Character Page , there are six attributes every character possesses.  These are Mental (what a character knows), Perception (what a character observes or projects about his/her surroundings), Strength (how much brute force a character can muster), Dexterity (a character's coordination, motor skills, and proprioception), Will (a character's determination and control of self versus outside reality), and Mysticism (a character's connection to the non-physical world).  A starting character gets an average of 3 dice per attribute, but those 18 total dice may be distributed in any form among the 6 attributes.  However, the numbers may not go above 5D+2 or below 1D (D being our shorthand for die or dice.  

Once the attributes are set, choose a total of 18 skills.  Skills are either abilities or spells.   Do not choose spells from more than 2 schools.  Do not choose spells that have a difficulty number higher than the ability it corresponds to (Mysticism for most "magic" spells, dexterity for most physical combat spells, Mental for Demiurge spells).  Also selecting a tier higher than 1 for a spell requires knowledge of the lower tiers.  Thus, a tier 3 skill will cost 3 of your skill points.

Physical Description:  This consists of a few fill in the blank basics and then a couple open sections.  The basics are seen in every character sheet and are as follows.

Name:  Your character's name, not yours.  Alatha has not developed enough that most folks have surnames, although it does sometimes occur.   On occasion nicknames may be added on, along with professions, native region, or title. 

Gender: Male or Female

Schools:  Which academies your character has studied in or what school of magic or spells he/she has been taught

Alignment:  Which element your character is aligned with or which Aygeemya he/she worships or is dedicated to.  Aygeemya may be of some help with this.  Alathaya have their fins dyed to match the color that corresponds to the element.

Age:  Alathay live normal human lifespans, in years.

Height:  Alathaya grow to roughly the same heights as humans, in feet and inches.

Weight:  For a variety of reasons, Alathay are just a bit thinner and lighter than the average modern human, in pounds.

    Additionally a category called Physical Description allows you to describe any other physical characteristics such as any identifiable or abnormal markings or features.  An idea of the character's build is often helpful here.  After this, look at possessions.  Here you will list out equipment and any gear the character possesses, including all clothing worn (helpful for drawing the picture later), along with how much jofya (money) you have (that part will be decided by the GM based on possessions chosen and character background.)

Image:  This is the easy one.  You don't have to do anything.  Although I would love any images you might care to create that might be inspired by or created for Alatha.