Difficulty      Skill            Effect

    2                      Adrenaline (Tier 1)                  -2 to all damage taken, buff

    2                      Sweeping Arc* (Tier 1)           attack up to 3 targets, stops on first to damage

    2                      Easy Technology (Tier 1)       any dull object in reach may be used with your weapon skill

    3                      Bruiser (Tier 1)                        +1 to blunt weapon damage, buff

    3                      Strength Training (Tier 1)       +2 to Str for all but saving rolls, passive

    3                      Overwhelming Force* (Tier 1) knock weapon from target 1D/3 turns away

    3                      Smash* (Tier 1)                       attack for +2 damage but -2 to dodge for the round

    3                      Ear Ringer* (Tier 1)                  attack as normal, target is also -2 to rolls next round

    3                      Pummel* (Tier 1)                      does melee damage +2

    3                      Defensive Stance* (Tier 1)      dodge +1, parry +2, stance

    4                      Bloodfury (Tier 1)                    double damage required for injury debuffs, buff

    4                      Bruiser (Tier 2)                         +2 to blunt weapon damage, buff

    4                      Head Conk* (Tier 1)                 knock out** target for 1D turns

    4                      Adrenaline (Tier 2)                   -1D to all damage taken, buff

    4                      Aggressive Stance (Tier 1)    +1 to hit, +1D damage, -1D+1 dodge/parry

    4                      Destroy Armor* (Tier 1)           attack as normal, armor bonus reduced to half till repaired

    4                      Pummel* (Tier 2)                       does melee damage +1D

    5                      Bruiser (Tier 3)                         +1D to blunt weapon damage, buff

    5                      Ear Ringer* (Tier 2)                   attack as normal, target is also -1D to rolls next round

    5                      Pummel* (Tier 3)                       does melee damage +1D+1

    6                      Bruiser (Tier 4)                         +1D+1 to blunt weapon damage, buff

    6                      Adrenaline (Tier 3)                   -1D+1 to all damage taken, buff

    6                      Pummel* (Tier 4)                        does melee damage +1D+2


* requires blunt weapon

 ** target cannot make saving rolls except Body vs damage and is not affected by illusions and is out of combat

 Key Skill: Club/Mace


Brawlers believe in action first and foremost.  From the day one begins at the academy, they are thrust into the middle of situations that toughen them and demand actions to be resolved.  The tough and complicated issues are simply splitting slivers that are irrelevant or can be sorted out later or by someone else who is doing less.  Brawlers make use of blunt weapons like the mace, the first weapon developed not from a hunting device or farming implement, but rather to simply attack another Alathay.  They are warriors through and through.  Dogesh, the master brawler, a hulking Alathay covered in scars is the perfect example of this, frequently taking on an entire incoming class at a time.  Brawlers train their bodies to take more damage than any others and to take on multiple opponents at the same time.  They value strength, courage, tenacity, action, battle itself, toughness, resilience, straightforwardness, and zeal.  The physical change seen in those who have trained in the academy is noticed by all and higher class members have been seen carrying lamdrilya mounts on their shoulders rather than the opposite.