Hello, My name in Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die. 

Difficulty      Skill            Effect

    2                   Lethal Strike* (Tier 1)                  +2 to damage with blades

    3                   Dazzling Blades* (Tier 1)            -2 to dodge or parry for opponent, 2 turn debuff

    3                   Martial Training* (Tier 1)             +1D to all parry when armed, passive

    3                   Agile Stance (Tier 1):                  +1 to dodge, stance

    3                   Disarm* (Tier 1)                            sends a single weapon flying from opponent 1D/3 turns away

    3                   Lunge* (Tier 1)                              attack and pull back out of melee range by one turn 

    4                   Offensive Stance* (Tier 1):          +2 to hit, -2 to dodge or parry, stance

    4                   Studied Stance* (Tier 1):                +2  to parry, stance 

    4                   Evasive Stance (Tier 1):                +2  to dodge/parry ranged, stance

    4                   Balanced Stance (Tier 1):            +1 to hit, +1 to parry, stance

    4                   Quicksilver* (Tier 1)                      attack or parry two opponents with only a -1 penalty, passive

    4                   Extension of Self* (Tier 1)             attack opponent one turn away 

    4                   Lethal Strike* (Tier 2)                    +1D to damage with blades 

    4                   Riposte* (Tier 1)                             after a successful parry, may attack the same opponent**

    5                   Dazzling Blades* (Tier 2)              -1D to dodge or parry for opponent, 2 turn debuff

    5                   Lethal Strike* (Tier 3)                     +1D+1 to damage with blades 

    5                   Dueling Stance (Tier 1):              +2  to parry,+1 to hit, +2 to damage, stance

    5                   Aggressive Stance (Tier 1):        +1D to hit, +2 to damage, -1D+2 to dodge/parry, stance

    6                   Dazzling Blades* (Tier 3)               -1D+2 to dodge or parry for opponent, 2 turn debuff

    6                   Lethal Strike* (Tier 4)                      +1D+2 to damage with blades

    6                   Bladestorm* (Tier 1)                        AOE, centered on bladesman, does damage of blade used


Key Skill: Pierce or Slash Blade

    The Academy of the Bladesman is based off of centuries old fighting style traditions, infused with some new by using the powers of the Aygeemya.  The style is that of the careful fencer, not the raging barbarian.  Precision, avoidance of opponents, strategy, quickness, style, tradition, countering, using others force against them, honor, and composure are the skills bred into the students at the academy.  Master Bladesman Delat maintains tight control over the training, keeping every practice regimented, inspecting every weapon brought in, and engaging in a daily duel.  The individual is seen as being the inheritor of a great line of tradition extending far back into the past and it is a witness one must be continually aware of.  Weakness is not to be displayed or it is instantly attacked.  The blade is seen as the greatest of Alathay ingenuity, the chief among weapons, and symbol of the dominance of the race.  As such, the individuals trained in the academy would loathe having to fight with a "dull" weapon and honor their blades highly.

*requires a bladed weapon

**this must occur immediately following the successful parry during the opponents turn and does not count as a second action for the round

requires a single blade, may not use two or a two-handed weapon

requires a two blades, may not use a two-handed weapon