Larantha is an odd material that composes various materials in the world of Alantha.  It is seemingly indestructible, slightly reflective, metallic looking, translucent, and seems to glow ever so slightly, yet gives off no light.  It is extremely valued in any forms, all of which are associated with some sort of supernatural activity.  By far the two most common forms are bewaya and tarsiya.  Most forms of larantha may be melted in special ceremonies on altars.  Once melted however, they never return to a solid state.



    Bewaya are orbs, about the size of large marbles, that are created by the Aygeemya, and correspond to their realm of influence.  That is to say, orange bewaya are created by the fire Aygeema Zihth, and may occasionally show a small tongue of flame floating inside.  They are bestowed on those who please the Aygeema and bring glory to its realm.  Bewaya seem somehow to bond with the soul on whom they are originally bestowed.  When taken unwillingly or under significant duress, they dissolve and implode in a tiny ultra dense particle of the primal element they correspond to.  Many a pickpocket has been badly burned by filching a fire bewa.  There are even tales of raiders who have stolen a life cycle bewa only to die upon taking it and even a legend of becoming pregnant upon stealing a life cycle bewa.  Various colored bewaya may be sacrificed to produce clear (zayn) bewaya, which are tradeable (or able to be stolen for that matter).

    A clear bewa may, in the same manner, be converted into a colored bewa.  This has the same properties as an original bewa albiet slightly smaller.  These are occasionally refered to as kushi'bewaya (for the full size originals) and eefa'bewaya (for the smaller bewaya).  Eefa'bewaya may also be converted to a clear bewa, and yields the same results as an original, although it may require more.  Ohrnekya (altars) are located in the temples (salkalekya) of the Aygeemya, or may be built anywhere by one who is well versed enough in religious forms and rituals.  A tarsee is needed to build an ohrnekya.  Six colored bewaya at minimum are needed to produce a single clear bewa, but as a minimum, they do not always do so, depending on the favor one has with the Aygeemya.  More bewaya increase the probability, and larger amounts yield increasing amounts of bewaya.  Conversely, a single clear bewa produces only a single eefa'bewa of the intended color.  


Dayo Stones

    Dayo means "hero" in Elothonikha.  These stones appear to have patterns that move slowly across their surfaces and are about the size of a golf ball.  They are extremely new to most Alathaya, having only been seen since the beginning of the year, following the opening of the ninth eye, the Eye of Time, Aeternus.  Such stones are given by the Aygeemya to those who make heroic actions, undergo great personal development, or fulfil some aspect of their destiny.  These stones may be used by the recipient to gain a small increase in power by infusing them with the power of the Aygeema.


Power Stones

    Power stones are simply physical manifestations of the energy released in an eye or flowpoint.  They are used in a few rituals and produce a quite potent larantha ink.  Power stones are usually about the size of a billiard ball.  They are rather rare, being found only at a corresponding flowpoint.  



    Tarsiya are orbs that manifest themselves after the death of an Alathay.  A tarsi contains the soul of the individual killed.  They are variously colored and an individual who dies several times may have a different colored tarsiya each time.  Tarsiya vary in size as well, but average about the size of a grapefruit.  If one stares into a tarsi, one can sometimes see an image or scene from the life or death of the individual contained therein.  Individual tarsi can be brought to ohrnekya and there the Alathay can be resurrected.  If an Alathay suffers an injury or effect  or loses a body part, such as a hand, that is not essential, then when they are resurrected, they still suffer from the same ailment.  If whatever affects them is deadly though, such as decapitation or a toxic poison, then they are resurrected without the effect.  Alathay can be dead for incredible amounts of time before being brought back and no amount of time so far has been shown to be too long.  The longer they are dead, though, the foggier their life before their death will be.  If an Alathay dies of naturals causes at an old age, however, they will live for only a short time before dying again.  The individual will go through the process of dying all over again therefor, so this is seen as extremely cruel.  Tarsiya seem not be able to be melted like other forms of larantha.



    Yitaliya are orbs that contain elemental spirits.  The sprites, or leefaya vary in size, power, and to some degree personality.  They are quite rare and seem to form some bond with their original owner.  The leefa shows loyalty to its bearer even after the bearer dies and becomes extremely chaotic if summoned after this point.  The bond between bearer and leefa must be developed however and a leeja may bond with another bearer if it does not do so with its original bearer.  Just as bewaya correspond in color to their respective elements, so do yitaliya.