Studying and attracting all manner of creatures, beastmasters use their animal companions and the methods learned by watching them to become fearsome beings themselves.  Beastmasters call upon the spirits of the animal world to give themselves savage claws, powerful charges, perceptive eyes, and other features of beasts both great and small, as well as attract, command, and resurrect animal companions.

Difficulty     Skill                            Effect

   2        Wild Call                       Simulate call of a natural creature, roll vs per to attract, vs will to scare away

   3        Enthrall                         Charm/sooth/befriend natural creature, vs will

   3        Keen Senses (Tier 1)     +2 to perception checks

   3        Claws                           +2 to unarmed, buff      

   3        Rake* (Tier 1)               +1D to unarmed damage

   3        Toughen Hide (Tier 1)    +2 to Body vs damage, buff

   3        Beastial Roar (Tier 1)     +2 to str, buff

   3        Untameable                 +1D+2 on will vs debuffs, passive

   3        Command                     ability to command an enthralled creature, passive

   4        Elusive (Tier 1)             +1D to dodge

   4        Soulmate                      1 enthralled creature gains a soulstone that appears when dead, allowing resurection

   4        Heal Creature (Tier 1)    Heal 1d damage on natural creature

   4        Primal Rage                  two unarmed attacks at -2 to hit

   4        Carnivore                      grow sharp teeth, enabling Melali to eat meat, and a 2D+1 attack, buff

   4        Gills                             enables underwater breathing, buff

   4        Horned Gore (Tier 1)      do str +1d+2 damage with horns/antlers, dodge -1D    

   4        Rake* (Tier 2)               +1D+1 to unarmed damage

   4        Beastial Roar (Tier 2)     +1D to str, buff

   4        Keen Senses (Tier 2)     +1D to perception checks

   5        Rake* (Tier 3)               +2D to unarmed damage

   5        Beastial Roar (Tier 3)     +1D to str,  +2 to str to adjacent party members, centered aoe buff

   5        Feral Charge                 move forward two spaces then attack

   5        Keen Senses (Tier 3)     +1D+2 to perception checks

   5        Flank**                         following enthralled creature attack, you attack at +1D to hit                      

   6        Rake* (Tier 4)               +2D+2 to unarmed damage

   6        Beastial Roar (Tier 4)     +1D+2 to str, +1D to party, party buff

   6        Horned Gore (Tier 2)      do str +2D damage with horns/antlers, dodge -1D        

   6        Keen Senses (Tier 4)     +2D to perception checks

*requires Claws

** requires enthralled creature