Basic Rules

-or how you can survive by sheer luck after sticking a lightsabre in a fuel tank 

    This will probably be the longest page eventually, so it will therefore be the last one done :)

    The basic idea is using the average six sided dies and a preset system of probability, people create characters and play through stories as those characters using the dice and probabilities to determine their success at various tasks.  Anything can happen, the only limit is your imagination.

    In a situation where an action is being taken by a character which stands some chance of failing, a number is selected to determine the level of difficulty (see Difficulties and Damage Charts ).  A certain amount of dice are rolled, representing the character's ability level in that area.  If the number rolled by the dice is greater than or equal to the difficulty number, the character succeeds.  This is the core of it all.

    Most of the time, characters will be just playing as their character and situations will be resolved just by talking through them.  The game is primarily social and puzzle based when we play, so ability rolls are not actually needed that frequently.

    Characters have three characteristics: body, mind, and spirit.  Sub-categories of these (strength and dexterity for body, mental and perception for mind, and will and mysticism for spirit) are given a rating in number of dice, represented as one die or 1D, two dice or 2D, etc.  These six are called attributes and represent the relative giftedness of a character in each area.  Individual abilities, spells, and skills fall under these attributes (see Abilities ). The areas a character excels at may be higher than their average attribute, or lower in rare occasions if the character is exceptionally bad at something.  A character rolls the number of dice in whichever ability is to be used to determine success in that action*.

    At times, especially during combat, action must take place in turns to give everyone the time to take what actions they desire.  Only one action can take place per turn without being penalized by the Multiple Action Penalty.**

*see Abilities page for further clarifications.

**see the Combat page for further clarification 

Alathay Surgeon Generals Warning: Roleplaying can be extremely addicting.  Try at your own risk.  Side effects include staying up too late, viewing everything as weapon, assigning statistics to objects in everyday life, spending too much time in the basement, hoarding of dice, awful stereotypes, and elves.  Attempting to introduce roleplaying to the wrong person can produce extreme confusion, humiliation, frustation, and/or perpetual virginity.