The Aygeemya have taken some mortals into their own realm and transfigured them into creatures composed completely of that specific element, but retaining many of their features.  These beings, known as avatars, become the living embodiment of some aspect of the aygeema they are bound to.  They posses somewhat independent wills, immortality, and complete control over the aspect of the element they embody.  Nearly all of the avatars known so far have been Remnant, although it is only the Remnant that have kept track, so this is probably skewed.  The number of avatars is probably around one hundred, although only a handful of them are known for sure.  There are old Remnant holy books attempting to list out known avatars, but nearly all of these contradict each other in many places.  Frequently the avatars were mortals of great significance and the avatar form they embody reflects what they were known for.  There is often great irony about this however and the Aygeemya will often make infamous mortals the embodiment of the opposite of what they were known for.  An example of this is Telichus, an ancient Remnant leader who reportedly cared more about his own glory and recognition and was turned into the avatar of darkness, never to be seen again and bringing obscurity to the world.  The most common avatar discussed is Vestagath.  He was the longest lived Remnant ever recorded and one of the only avatars not to die before being transfigured.  Tehsh simply allowed him to hobble through the Eye of The Life Cycle in Botanicus and into the dimension of the life cycle.  Vestagath is now the psychopomp, the bearer of spirits into the next life and the avatar of the end of life.  He still walks with his cane and has been known to trip the occasional vain mortal just as they fall in death.  Those who lead good lives are led graciously while those who do not are taunted in their mortality by the frail old man who out survived them.  Avatars are highly revered amongst the Remnant and relatively unknown amongst the Alathaya and Melali.  Homonculus have little regard for such matters.




Common Avatars-  

  •  Vestagath -The Eldest -"The Canewalker"
    • Avatar of the End of Life Cycle 
  • Bidos -Chief amongst the Zoarchs- "The Sorrowful"
    • Avatar of the Death of the Innocent
  • Telichus -Most Vainglory Of Kings- "The Unseen Shadow"
    • Avatar of Darkness
  • Zordo -Fattest of Alathay -"The Glutton"
    • Avatar of Shrinking
  • Zelpen -Most Trodden Upon- "The Avenged"
    • Avatar of Storms
  • Noar -He who went hungy- "The Breadgiver"
    • Avatar of Feasting
  • Nephkek -Most Traveled- "The Roadweary"
    • Avatar of Rest
  • Desinoth -Laziest of Mortals- "The Unceasing"
    • Avatar of Travel
  • Veritus-He who set the Mete-"The Stringent"
    • Avatar of Truth