Arch Warden Aelthos

Name: Aelthos

Gender: Male

Schools: Priest, Prophet, Martial Artist, Frost Warden (founder)

Alignment: Cold

Age: 30

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175

Physical Description:  His body covered in imbuances, holy inscriptions, and tattoos Aelthos has no small amount of larantha in his skin.  His crest stands out in many crowds as it  has a symbol for Sayya on its center in black larantha and is fringed with violet.  He is just above average height and toned in build.  He radiates an aura of focus, even when jovial.


Spheres: Religious, Common Folk, High Society

Beliefs:  Neeva is the answer to all my searching.  The world is changing and unaware and unprepared for the changes,  I will build the Academy of Cold to train a new breed of daya to deal with the changes.

Traits:  Idealistic, Intense, Resolute, Iconoclastic


Character Description:  Coming from a family of scholars in Ir Renisa, Aelthos had been interested in religion from an early age.  Seeking some connection with the divine he spent several years in the academies of Priesthood and Prophecy, with the ascetic monks of the Shenos Khit, and studied art and inscribing in Kio.  Always prone to wanderlust, he was seeking the mystic connection he had yet to find in the world of the traveller, but was near the edge of disillusionment with his pursuit thus far.  Slightly moody and chaotic and with a chip on his shoulder towards authority, he was chastised by the high prophet Lektalis for his lack of virtues and devotion, his selfish attitutude, and propensity towards being driven by feelings.  After days of meditation, he had a vision of Neeva, the Aygeema of Cold, and dedicated himself to it.  He then went to the arenas where he learned many new abilities through manipulation of cold energy.  Inspired he began the Academy of Cold to instruct others of such things.




 Mental: 3D

  • Religion 5D
  • Scholar: Mysticism 6D
  • Scholar: Gastronomy 4D
  • Society 4D+1
  • Survival 4D
  • Streetwise
  • Inscribe T1 4D


 Perception: 3D

  • Charisma
  • Search
  • Persuasion



 Strength: 2D

  • Swimming
  • Endurance 


 Dexterity: 4D

  • Throwing
  • Unarmed
  • Dodge
  • Unarmed Block
  • Skin of Stone



 Will: 4D

  • Focus
  • Control Pain
  • Iron WIll
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Discipline 

 Mysticism: 6D

  • DIvine Conduit
  • Judgement  T3
  • Oracle
  • Visions
  • Holy Calling
  • Divine Intervention
  • Sanctify  T1
  • Smite  T3 6D
  • Blessings  T4  5D+2
  • Divine Retribution
  • Anathema
  • Icy Path T1
  • Icy Resolve T1
  •  Numbing Cold T1
  • North PolearmT1
  • Frozen Expanse T1
  • Rime T1  
  • Frostbite T4
  • Iceball T4
  • Hoarfrost T4
  • Glacial Skin T3 
  • Hailstorm T2



Imbuances: Kushi Thaumaturge +1D spell damage, Kushi Thaumaturge +1D spell hit rate, Kushi Deliverance +2D saving rolls,  Mystic, Willful, Dextrous Grace +2.

Other Posessions:

Linen Robes

Copper Wristbands

Imbued Ring (+1D              damage, +1D to hit)

Monk's Clogs

Travel sack

Icon (+2 Myst)

Inscriber's tools

Imbued Waterskin             (always full)

Imbued Flask                   (purification, doubling)

Imbued Sack                    (preservation)

Samples of Purified          Elements

Spice Pouch

Loaf of Bread

Paring Knife 1D+2

Leather notebook

Pens and inks

Imbued and                 enhanced arena        javelin 5D