Every RPG has a tavern, something has to be drunk there! 

Fermented Beverages

  • Ale - quicker produced, sweeter, fuller bodied, brewed with various grains, yeast, water, and bia buds*
  • Lager - slow brewed, cleaner tasting, brewed with various grains, yeast, water, and bia buds*
  • Lopo Wine - deeper flavored dark red wines from sweet to dry with varying body
  • White Lopo Wine - yellow-gold to almost clear wines from sweet to dry with varying body
  • Tifi Wine - light sweet juicy red usually with low alcohol levels, sometimes carbonated
  • Mead - wine made from fermented honey
  • Kooflek - a fermented milk beverage, usually sweetened with honey

Distilled Beverages

  • Golo - triple distilled liquor made from the leftovers of lopo pressings
  • Weeka - a clear distilled liquor with little flavor aside from the alcohol
  • Teadrop - a distilled liquor made from tea mash, with resiny tea flavor
  • Hardmead - distilled honey liquor, from light to dark, sometimes spiced
  • Grog - a combination of diluted hardmead, spices, and occasionally other beverages
  • Shoowee - also called fieldhelp, a distilled grain beverage, often aged in casks or barrels
  • Lopo Bitters - a red bitter herby liquor seldom drunk alone but added to other beverages
  • Hardkaf - a liqueur made from liquor, kaf (see below), spices, and cream


  • Lopo Juice - deep dark reddish fruit juice
  • White Lopo Juice - light gold fruit juice
  • Tifi Berry Juice - a bright red juice





Herbal Infusions

  • Tea - a steeped plant beverage, several varieties exist, some with slightly narcotic effects, tea houses are common in Alatha, but many are seen as seedy establishments, and most have associations with the Jaadin.  Some teas have tremendous health benefits, and may be used in religious purifying rituals. 
  • Kaf - a dark aromatic earthy beverage made from an infusion of roasted kaf seeds, has a mild stimulant effect
  • Kohk - a creamy beverage made with spice, milk, and steeped kohk seeds (which have a cocoa-like taste but bitterer and more astringent), usually sweetened with honey, sometimes served hot


*occasionally clarifying agents are used as well and may include fish swimbladder extracts,  or various seaweed or algae extracts