Yorn desh born, orn desh, de umn de børk! børk! børk

Tier   Potion                          Effect                                              Ingredients



1   Eefa Constitution                    +1 to body                   sifted cave dust, tonic water, pstone



1   Eefa Evasion                        +1 to dodge                     pure ash, tonic water, pstone



1   Eefa Healing                        -1 to injury level          fresh pegi blood, tonic water, pstone



1   Tonic Water^                  bubbly water!               smokespore gas, pure water, pstone



2   Vitriol^                              glassy acid!                  brimstone, tonic water



2   Eefa  Alacrity                        +1 to perception          dayblossom petals, vitriol, pstone


2   Eefa Acuity                        +1 to knowledge          fresh pegi blood, vitriol, pstone



2   Eefa Adroitness                    +1 to dexterity                 pure ash, vitriol, pstone



2   Eefa Thew                        +1 to strength                 sifted cave dust, vitriol, pstone



2   Eefa Velleity                         +1 to will                      lily sap, vitriol, pstone


2   Eefa Thaumaturgy             +1 to mysticism                    smokespore gas, vitriol, pstone

3   Eefa Entheogen                 +1 to spell damage           liquid larantha, tonic water, pstone



3   Constitution                      +2 to body                    sifted cave dust, vitriol, pstone



3   Evasion                          +2 to dodge                   pure ash, vitriol, pstone



3   Healing                          -2 to injury level              fresh pegi blood, vitriol, pstone



3   Eefa Accuracy                  +1 to hit rate                 moonfly juice & pure ash, vitriol, pstone



3   Eefa Celerity*                grants 1 free action        dayblossom petals, vitriol, pstone, tonic

3   Blindness                lose vision         moonfly juice, mindroot, pstone, tonic


4   Alacrity                         +2 to perception          dayblossom petals, vitriol, pstone



4   Acuity                               +2 to knowledge          fresh pegi blood, vitriol, pstone



4   Adroitness                      +2 to dexterity               pure ash, vitriol, pstone



4  Thew                                  +2 to strength               sifted cave dust, vitriol, pstone



4   Velleity                                    +2 to will                     lily sap, vitriol, pstone



4   Thaumaturgy                         +2 to mysticism             smokespore gas, vitriol, pstone


4   Accuracy                        +2 to hit rate                moonfly juice & pure ash, vitriol, pstone



4   Entheogen                            +2 to spell damage       liquid larantha, tonic, vitriol, pstone



5   Azoth^                                  pearly liquid              clear bewa, vitriol, tonic, pstone

5   MemLoss            amnesia for 1D hours          lopo bitters, rust, mindroot, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Constitution             +1D to body                  ground rust, pegi blood, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Evasion                 +1D to dodge                embers, smokespore gas, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Healing     -1D to injury level      pegi blood, lily sap, ralitan yolk, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Accuracy                +1D to hit rate               moonflies & pure ash, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Celerity *       grants 1 free action      moonflies, ice, gem filings, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Alacrity                  +1D to perception        distilled moonfly queen juice, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Acuity                      +1D to knowledge        ralitan egg yolk, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Adroitness             +1D to dexterity            coalflower seed, azoth, pstone



5  Kushi Thew                  +1D to strength             gem filings, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Velleity                    +1D to will                      vial of pure dew, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Thaumaturgy      +1D to mysticism          temple incense smoke, azoth, pstone



5   Invisibility**               makes invisible              smokespores, moonflies, shattered lens, azoth, pstone



5   Kushi Entheogen          +1D to spell damage                 temple incense smoke, liquid larantha, azoth, pstone

5   Philter #9             user falls in love 2D6 hours          personal item of target, mindroot, liquid larantha, azoth, pstone


5   Eefa Blinding        lose vision 1D hours           moonflies, mindroot, pstone, azoth

All potions are treated as buffs and last standard buff length unless noted


*Eefa Celerity potions are treated as a buff, but only last a single turn.  Kushi Celerity potions are treated as a buff and last 1D/2 turns.

**Invisibilty potion lasts standard buff length, but user must be visible for it to take effect.

^a liquid needed for alchemical purposes.  Vitriol does 1D damage to exposed skin when not in a solution with elemental agents.  Distilled vitriol does 3D damage to skin when not in a solution with elemental agents.

Alchemical Tools

Mortar and Pestle- for grinding  - 5j

Alembic- for distilling liquids - 15j

Calicinator- for burning to a powder - 12j

Retort- for extracting solids from solutions or collecting extracted gasses  -24j

Crucible- for heating to a great heat - 15j

Spectral Disseminator- for isolating a single type of elemental energy -60j

Subliminator- for cooling substances -24j

Filters- for isolating solids from mixtures -1-2j

Condenser- for separating solids from solutions - 12j

Altar- for melting bewaya, req 4D in religion

Alchemical Terms








Accuracy-hit rate




Alchemist Supplies

Pure Water - its just water!  1j

Tonic Water -bubbly!  14j

Brimstone - smells like eggs! 6j

Vitriol - don't drink! 20j

Distilled Vitriol - strong acid! 24j

Azoth - universal solvent! 60j

Regular Bewa - 12j

Clear Bewa -70j

Pstone - ground philosopher's stone, just a pinch will do!  24j for a six pinch bag


Alchemy Fumble Chart

 In standard conditions, potions have a difficulty level one number above the tier they fall in.  

Missing the difficulty by 3 results in a failure, and it is assumed that the potion just didn't mix or that there was an error in the process.  Missing by one or two below results in a potion that has an unknown effect.  This could have any number of effects, from the original intent of the potion, a lesser effect, or the discovery of a new potion, to comedic, unexpected, or even negative effects.  

A success produces standard intended results. 

A success over two levels higher than the difficulty results in a double batch.

Each potion must be made individually and is considered one effective dose.  Taking less of the potion yields no effects.