The people of Alatha 

    The people of Alatha refer to themselves as Alathaya.  They have evolved from seagoing lizards and have large jaws and eyes, pronounced eye ridges, dorsal crests, and small fins covering their aural apertures.  Their bodies are human-like but thinner in general, and with only four fingers and toes (which are rather elongated and end in a larger pad) instead of five on each hand or foot.  Their skin is a light khaki green color with a lighter underbelly.

    Their clothing consists primarily of linen and wool, with shells, coral, bone, wood, clay, leather, bronze, tin, copper, and glass being used for decoration, armor, or fasteners.  Nearly everything they use is composed of these materials, from tools or weapons to bowls, houses, and wagons.  Several species have been domesticated by the Alathaya, with the lamdril being used for riding, pulling carts, or plowing.

    The Alathaya live on a series of islands with a natural border of open sea or vast desert keeping them from further expansion.  There are two sepperate political bodies governing the Alathaya, the ordered and militaritic Northern Empire and the older confederation ruled by the Council of Dafsomet. 

    On one of the largest islands lays Ir Alatha, the most ancient surviving city of the Alathaya.  Here the Council of Dafsomet rules much of the known world, enforced by its military arm, the Tarabolis Protectorate.

    Ir Alatha is a sprawling city, home to roughly twenty five thousand Alathaya, with as many again there on average for business or pilgrimages.  The city (sometimes referred to as The City) boasts a giant market district, filled with tented stalls of merchants from all the known world.  The great library lies near the center of town, just outside the council chambers.  To the northwest are the great academies, teaching their various schools of mental, mystical, and physical disciplines.  On the exact opposite of the city, cradled by the hill Ir Alatha rests upon, is the massive temple complex.

    Narathet, built above the sprawling ruins of the ancient city-state of Nekthet, once home to the greatest figure in Alathay religion, the Kushi'Aweh, is the capitol of the young Northern Empire.  Established only a hundred and fifty years ago, its highly-structured and expansionistic approach contributed to its rapid rise in the northern islands disillusioned with the Council's lack of protection.  Narathet boasts seventeen thousand Alathay in its populace along with a large influx of visitors, including those of other species.  Its proximity to both Remnant and Melali lands make it a common central stopping point for those travelling to or from far away lands. 

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