Name: Agniostosihs

Gender: Remnant Male

Schools: Aeromancy

Alignment: Air

Age: 31

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 170

Physical Description:  Tall for a Remnant, Agnios is lean and lanky, but toned.  He has several air-inspired tattoos covering his grayish skin.  He traded the tattered clothes and gear of his exile for a nicer set once he reached Alathan lands.


Spheres: Remnant Exiles

Beliefs: The world is an unjust place, I must be strong and protect myself. 

I will not allow others to chart my course in life.

I will prove myself by overcoming whatever obstacles are placed before me. 

Traits: individualist, strait talking, competitive, assertive, make things happen

Character Description:

Agnios is assertive and straight talking.  He dislikes being controlled in anyway and greatly values his freedom.  He can be a bit emotionally distant and a bit of an individualist, but also greatly values those times he has had significant relational connections.  He has a strong sense of justice and can be quite driven and stubborn once he sets his mind to something.




 Interview With Agnios


 Mental: 2D

  • Survival 4D

 Perception: 5D

  • Hide
  • Sneak 6D
  • Search



 Strength: 2D

  • Climbing
  • Jumping


 Dexterity: 4D+2

  • Dodge
  • Slash Blade 4D+2



 Will: 1D


 Mysticism: 7D

  • Windsculpt
  • Puff
  • Suffocate (Tier 3)
  • Windrider
  • Stormshield (T3)
  • Imbue Air (T3)
  • Smokescreen (T3)
  • Calm winds
  • Wind at your back






Bewaya: 4

Jofya: 2

Imbuances: +2 strength imbuance of muscle,

Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Dagger 2D+1

Heirloom Falcata           5D+1

Medium Pouch

Sack Of Grain & Nuts

Black Hooded Cloak

Leather Armor

Loosely Fitted Pants

Thick Black Boots