Name: Adsila (Blossom)

Race: Melali

Gender: Female

Schools: Shaman

Alignment: Water

Age: 24

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110

Physical Description: A beautiful girl, she has long green hair with a beautiful red flower growing near the top of her head (this is rare and the reason that her mother named her blossom). Thin, and not very muscular, she strikes most as fragile and weak.

Factions: Manianii

Beliefs: Violence leads to more violence

I must discover the truth of my past

I will prove that I am a worthy shaman.

Traits: Sometimes air headed, unassuming, kind, strong willed, independent thinker

Character Description:  To the Manianii, who  did not believe that women should be allowed to participate in such a sacred craft as shamanism, her drive to master the art of shamanism is barely tolerated.  Adsila is shy, kind, and peaceful. She is almost always opposed to violence and as such is taken advantage of by those around her. . Adsila, despite her appearance of being harmless, has shown on rare occasions strong powers.  She still is unaware of how to control or access this power and it only seems to manifest itself when she is brought to extreme emotional states. Regardless, Adsila shows, at times, the blood of her powerful ancestry running through her veins.


 Mental: 4D

  • Botany


 Perception: 1D+1



 Strength: 2D

 Dexterity: 2D



 Will: 3D


 Mysticism: 5D+2

  • Trance
  • Chant of Spirit* t2
  • Spirit Tongue*    
  • Spirit Boon*      
  • Chant of Sleep*  T2   
  • Possession*  
  • Hypnotize* T2              
  • Cure T2                  
  • Ancestral Fury* T3     
  • Transcendence         







Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:



9 smooth stones

Various pouches