The Dayo Schools 

    The great academies of Alatha are not to be confused with its universities.  The university is a school of rote memorization, pure knowledge and the centers of learning for those who devote themselves as scholars and historians.  The academies on the other hand are more like dojos.  They are open training centers for those who hope to be Dayokhlanya, heros and adventurers, or at least those who wish to learn great mastery of the elemental powers of the Aygeemya.  There are eleven academies, five teaching the great skills of physical combat, five teaching skills of invocation, and one combination

The ten academies are...

  • Brawling- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of Alatha, fire, and the life cycle, brawlers rely on physical force and blunt heavy weapons to batter through opponents, take countless hits with little effect, and crack skulls, armor, or anything else in their way.  Zihgaema
  • Blades- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of fire, water, and light, bladesmen use finesse with swords, daggers, and polearms to parry any attacks, then stab or slash into those who dare come near the flurry of metal.  Sheenaygeema
  • Martial Arts- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of fire, Alatha, and water, martial artists hone their bodies themselves into weapons.  Discipline and long training allow them to strike blows with tremendous force and use their attackers' force against them.  Seshorntal
  • Marksmanship- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of air, Alatha, and light, marksmen use bows, khirkas (gun-like bows), and blowguns to precisely hit their targets from a great distance away.  Khirkathay
  • Assassins- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of air, light, and life cycle, assassins use whatever is necessary, usually daggers, short blowguns, and poisons, to kill from concealed positions, then slink away unnoticed.  Orkaytal
  • Illusions- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of light, water, and air, illusionists use the power of their minds to control a situation, creating realistic images, dominating others, or simply sending them running in fear.  Lehbheetala
  • Elementalism- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of Alatha, water, and fire, elementalists take direct control of the realms of the most physical Aygeemya and use fire, water, and Alatha itself to pummel or simply repel those coming against them.  Ehlsorneema
  • Necromancy- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of life cycle, Alatha, and fire, necromancers embrace death and pain, projecting their suffering on others.  They debilitate opponents then raise corpses to fight with them from the fallen.  Khayorneema
  • Priesthood- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of light, air, and life cycle, priests are the voice of the people to the gods.  They perform rituals and chants and offer up sacrifices and prayers to bless themselves and their allies, adding almost overwhelming benefits.  Salkhaleema
  • Prophecy- Swearing allegiance to the Aygeemya of life, cycle, air, and water, are seers who gain divine glimpses of the past, future, or distant locations.  They are the voice of the gods to the people and occasional instruments of their wrath.  Nayveema
  • Frost- Swearing allegiance only to the Aygeema of cold, frost wardens combine dextrous physical combat with mystical spells.  They use the power of ice, frost, and snow to debilitate enemies, then attack with ice spells or magically enhanced polearms.  Nihvathoshay
Although not technically academies proper, two other schools of adventurers exist.  They are taught at the Universities
  •  Demiurge- Swearing no allegiance to any particular Aygeema, demiurges use neither mystical spells nor physical prowess to gain advantages, but rather use their master crafting abilities to create traps and potions, enchant or modify weapons and armor, and unleash powerful golems.  Sasheema
  • Lorekeeper- Swearing no allegiance to any particular aygeema, the lorekeeper draws on the vast history and great stories of the Alathaya to inspire whole groups to even greater achievements themselves.  Rohkhastal